Every child deserves an equitable education — design thinking can help

Education equity organizations across the world dedicate their time, funds, and hearts toward making meaningful, equity-focused changes across their communities. With a large part of their efforts committed to operations, these organizations often find their visual presence and messaging falling short.

That's where we come in.

Bright Matter incorporates design thinking into the unique challenges that education equity organizations face, bridging the gap between initiatives that go unnoticed and initiatives that make a meaningful and lasting impact. Through design, development, and strategy we improve existing systems or create entirely new ones, ensuring they're robust enough to support organizational requirements at the regional and national levels. Collaboration is our bread and butter — we're at our best when we work together towards a common goal, integrating with internal teams to support campaigns from ideation to completion.

Your organization is making a difference, Bright Matter can help you get noticed. Get started.
Shane Miles
Keymaster | Founder
Well before he knew what a graphic artist was, Shane was filling sketchbooks with letterforms. Once he discovered design, it was like opening Pandora's Box — in a good, not world-ending kind of way. Since then, Shane earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a focus in Design from Colorado State University, co-founded the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins, CO (a hub for local artists and musicians), co-founded Sheath Comics (an independent comic book publishing company), and co-founded PHOCO (a collaborative photography, videography, and design firm). From 2013 to 2021, Shane worked at Toolbox Creative, a design and marketing agency focused on 3D Printing, CleanTech, and Affordable Housing, ending his tenure as Design Director. Shane founded Bright Matter in 2022 with a vision to do great design for great organizations. Shane loves spending time with his wife and two boys, singing, watching or reading science fiction, watching and playing soccer, building Lego, and learning everything about physics and the universe around us.