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The Education Trust Midwest

The Education Trust-Midwest works for the high academic achievement of all Michigan students in pre-kindergarten through college. Their goal is to close the gaps in opportunity and achievement that disproportionately impact students of color, English Learners, students with disabilities, and children from low-income backgrounds. As a nonpartisan, data-driven education policy, research, and advocacy organization, they are focused first and foremost on doing what is right for Michigan children, working alongside partners to raise the quality of teaching and learning in Michigan public schools.
“Bright Matter has an outstanding ability to take reams of complex material and transform it into beautiful, coherent, easy-to-digest design and content. Every piece is thoughtful and gorgeous. Most of all, the work is impactful, adding so much value to our initiatives. I could not imagine our campaigns without the important contributions of Bright Matter.”
Jennifer Mrozowski
The Education Trust Midwest
“Bright Matter’s web development and design has been an instrumental part of our success as an organization. They have captured our vision and ideas and translated them into beautiful and inspiring products.”
Alexza Barajas-Clark
The Education Trust Tennessee
Michigan Partnership for Equity and Opportunity logo
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Michigan Partnership for Equity and Opportunity

Created with the vision to make Michigan a national leader in public education by empowering children to achieve at high levels regardless of race, gender, disability, family income, native language, or geography, the Michigan Partnership for Equity and Opportunity is a coalition of civil rights, social justice, civic, and business leaders working to promote educational equity for all Michigan students. The Partnership contacted Bright Matter to create a logo and complete a website from design to final development.
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Building the Hope Schools

The Education Trust in Michigan organized the Building the Hope School award program to showcase high-poverty public schools that demonstrate consistent and strong academic gains in the face of adversity. Schools receiving the Building the Hope Schools awards from the Education Trust-Midwest consistently demonstrate exceptional academic progress and growth for traditionally underserved students — while providing an affirming place for children to learn. Each Building the Hope school sets a standard of excellence for all students and employs culturally- and linguistically-responsive school-wide practices — including instructional practices — that facilitate students’ outstanding academic progress and growth, making them true outliers in the state of Michigan.

Bright Matter designed and developed the website for the Building the Hope Schools awards program, focusing on the design language of growth, success, and recognition. The website provides a centralized location where interested individuals can view each school's unique achievements with corresponding infographics and photos that bring data, testimonials, and storytelling together — providing a holistic view of their accomplishments. Additional print collateral was created as well to be provided at events.
Building the Hope Schools homepage heroA screenshot of the Building the Hope Schools website, showing a pie chart and a testimonial
Building the Hope awards text
A screenshot of the Building the Hope Schools website, showing a featured Elementary School, Discover ElementaryA screenshot of the Building the Hope Schools website, showing a pie chart and a couple of bar charts regarding enrollment and 2019 proficiency rates
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